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The History of Schwalbach Kitchens of Marquette

Many of you may be wondering; Why the name Schwalbach Kitchens? Allow me to fill you in.

Schwalbach Kitchens was first established in Escanaba Michigan by Ken Schwalbach Sr., and brought to the Marquette area in 1978. Ken hired a young man originally from the Escanaba area named Les Rolig, who in 1982 purchased Schwalbach's from Ken. Keeping the name, as it was already an established, respected name in the industry, Les designed kitchens, baths and offices for over 38 years, throughout the Upper Peninsula.

Now currently owned by JDT Design Co. (Jezek, Dickerson & Tomasi), three employees of Schwalbach's. I (Tess) started with the company in 1991, followed by Nick Tomasi in 2003, and Jon Dickerson in 2018. It only made sense that we should continue to serve our area, giving our customers the kitchens of their dreams. We purchased the company in July of 2022, and we thank all of our customers, family, employees and friends for helping us along the way!

One cabinet, one kitchen, one bath at a time; we look forward to serving you for years to come.

- Tess

(Picture taken in 2015, representing the original logo)

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